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Helping You to Move Forward

Please read the heart-felt first-hand account of how Lisa White of Harvest Staffing has had a profound impact on a most-deserving candidate.

“…It was in 2014 that my family and I made the hardest decision of our lives,…. living in Cuba was ruthlessly horrible, we had no food, freedom, no future, in that time  I was 1st CNC soprano and  had the opportunity to visit Spain, Ecuador Venezuela Panama, and USA for that reason I knew that a better world existed behind the borders of my country and I wanted that future for my children , we decided that I had to come to use because it was the only one that had Visa, and at the same time I could not according to the laws in force at the time to claim my family. I came to this country with a very basic English and the first years were very difficult lived in Portland Oregon there I had my first job, cleaning offices from 5:30p until 2:30 a.m., my next job was to clean rooms in a nursing home and there I took  a course to be a caregiver so in the morning I cleaned  rooms and in the afternoon I started my second job , I started learning English on my own, I got two  jobs to save  the money for bring my family , I had not time to go to schools , in 2017 I decided to move to Ohio, I worked 14 hours a day but God was always by my side, almost 5 years later I  had saved  the money to bring my family, I was so happy ! .

By then I worked from Monday to Saturday many hours and after having been almost 5 years without my family it was my desire to find a job that would allow me to redeem lost time with my children so  I started looking for a job that even if I had to lose money would give me the possibility of being time with them .

Was at the time  that a wonderful woman gave me a great opportunity, that day I was in my position assembling and she  told me:  Yami can you  join me ?? and in her office she  offered a position in her department that was going to allow me to have more time with my loved ones and also increase my income, Lisa is one of those people who sees beyond the ephemeral, she sees the potential in people, God uses her  so that those around her reach her goals , she is a trustworthy woman,  she is that kind of person who supports their co Workers or defends them if necessary, with unimpeachable morality, I thank God for having put her in my way, it is very difficult to find  “real” people like her these days. thank you Lisa White, God bless you always.”

– Thank you,

Yamutsy Aguilar Ru

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